Inline Filter Cartridge

Inline Filter Cartridge
Inline Filter Cartridge

Inline cartridges offer a better filter efficiency and more convenient equipment way

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Inline carbon: remove chlorine,organic chemical,provide tasted water

Inline sediment: inside is 5um pp melt blown filter cartridge,remove dirt,sand,rust

Inline resin: use high level ion exchange resin,to reduce the hardness material in the water

Inline mineral ball: use the mineral ball to increase the organic material in the water

Inline alkaline water: use the alkaline ball to raise the PH of the acidic water

Inline silver ball: use the silver carbon to reduce the bacteria,odor,pigment,ketone,heavy metal ion

Inline infrared ball: release far infrared ray to separate water molecules group,which can improve blood circulation and health condition

10" inline:  26.5cm*26.5cm*26.5cm

12" inline:  34.5cm*34.5cm*30.5cm