Pleated Filter Cartridge

Pleated Filter Cartridge
Pleated Filter Cartridge

Polyester pleated filter cartridges are made of polyester membrane.

The pleated design is to increase surface area and high efficiency of contaminant removal.It has high resistance of strong acid.

The filter media, core, end caps are assembled integrally under high temperature,which ensures the high closure rate of the cartridge

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Filter Media: Polyester

Filter Rate:1um,5um,10um,20um,50um


Outer/Inner diameter:68mm,115mm/28mm,or other sizes as customerized

Maximum operating temperature: 40℃

Maximum operating pressure: 4.0Bar

slim 10” 50pcs per box

slim 20” 25pcs per box

BB10” 20pcs per box

BB20"   10pcs per box